Mystery Photo Sunday

Do you know where this photo in Bristol was taken and when? Let us know and comment below or on I Remember Bristol. (Photo courtesy Bristol Historical Society)30535_1288056925968_5783836_n

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5 comments on “Mystery Photo Sunday

  1. Mark D. Gervais

    Downtown development, taken summer, 1969 from the look of the trees and stage of the work being performed. Across from the Muzzy brothers building, note that the grand old post office is gone, as are the bank of late 19th and early 20th century storefronts (The original Ed Cercone’s!) that used to run down from the old Gridley House hotel and oppose the Lorraine shoe store building and the Bristol Savings bank main offices on Main Street.

  2. Dan Biron

    Is lower Main St.. circa 1962. Was the relocation of the Pequabuck River under downtown Bristol. Diagonally across from the old Brisol Savings Bank. The big push now is to daylight the Pequabuck River to enciurage fisheries to return!

  3. Anonymous

    Looks like Wallace Barnes new Headquarters

  4. dorothy ammerman

    Lower Main Street during redevelopment. Note the absence of the post office, and the presence of the bank.

  5. This was the big investment in the downtown heralded to revitalize the local economy aka Bristol Center Mall.