Strange Bristol: Don’t Worry It’s Positive!

1601199_10201758416506591_854427010_nQuick Note: Strange Bristol will be a semi-regular feature about the “strangely” positive things happening in Bristol.

BRISTOL – If you still read the local newspaper you might think Bristol is a crime ridden place. Constant stories about people doing stupid things is not what makes a community tick.

Now don’t get me wrong, The Central Connecticut Post reports many local crime stories. However there is no one on staff to sift through police cases on a daily basis.

Thank the dear Lord for that!

On Thursday local business owner Mike Clawson relaunched his restaurant in downtown Bristol.  Formerly Mike’s Tortise & Hare Cafe. His new Southern concept is called 457 Mason Jar.

At the ribbon cutting Mark Walerysiak Jr with Bristol Rising could have not said this any better. “This was very unique for Bristol, this was a fully funded project for a local business contributed by the public.”

Wait a minute, back it up….

Bristol residents gave up their hard-earned cash to help a local business?


That’s why this topic falls under the Strange Bristol category.  It’s strange to even think Bristol wouldn’t have done it in the first place.


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