Route 72 the taffy highway

For Bristol, Route 72 has always been a thorn in its side.

The state road originally was intended to connect to Route 8 in Thomaston. has chronicled the history of the state road in great lengths.

Scott Oglesby, creator of the website is a highway historian collecting highway photos, old news articles, plans and maps “Most people have some consuming hobby, even if it’s watching TV; and this is mine.”

“72: Bristol” is a sign promised which the freeway has not fulfilled. 72 ends in Plainville, where smaller roads continue west. Photo by Jim K. Georges & content by Kurumi.

Oglesby wrote “Call Route 72 the Taffy Highway; it has been stretched and snapped over the years. Connecticut has extended the route to Massachusetts then cut it back; shifted it from one freeway in Berlin to another; divested its eastern portion to three other highways.

All in all, pavement once belonging to Route 72 has been transferred to routes 272, 4, 372, 9, 524, and 3. No part of the original Route 72 exists as Route 72 today.”

“Bristol residents may have been wondering whether I would get around to covering their city, or whether I’d forget, like the state did. Just kidding.” said Oglesby

If you haven’t read Oglesby’s history of Route 72, it’s well worth a look at.

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