Bristol Bulldogs Claim Regional Championship

Photo by David Ricciuti
Photo by David Ricciuti
The 4th Grade Bristol Bulldogs defeated the Fall River, Mass., Falcons 27-20 to claim the American Youth Football New England Regional Championship at Falcon Field in Meriden.

The 2013 4th grade Bulldogs are the first Bristol team to win the state and regional championships since Bristol joined the AYF. The team is not eligible to compete in the Nationals held in Florida, due to a MidConn Conference regional board decision.

Sunday’s game provided very unfavorable conditions in Meriden 22 degree temperatures, 20-30 mph winds, a wind chill of 10 degrees and half an inch of snow on the field prior to kickoff.

Victor Rosa scored all four touchdowns for Bristol as the team pulled together in the cold temperatures to push the ball down the field on the Falcons. Deaven Hazelwood rushed for 40 yards and had several drive-saving runs.

Luke Dauphinee kicked an onside kick to start the 2nd half that was recovered by Alex Marshall.

Daniel Lauretti made a game-saving tackle with just 30 seconds left in the contest, tackling Fall River’s running back in the backfield on the 11 yard line with no time outs remaining for the Falcons.

The team went 7-1 in the regular season and 11-1 overall, defeating Hartford in the MidConn championship 21-6 on Sunday, Nov. 2.

The Bulldogs then beat a previously-undefeated Norwalk Packer team 25-13 to win the Connecticut State championship on Sunday, Nov. 10.

The team led by head coach Chuck Conner and assistants Kevin McCormick, Maureen Marshall, Paul McConnell, Todd Coleman, Rob DeVeau and Bob Mosback. The team parent is Sara Syrotchen. Players are: Alex Marshall, Anthony Ricciuti, Cameron Goodman, Conor McCormick, Damion Glasper, Daniel Lauretti, Deaven Hazelwood, Devin Freeze, Ella Nichols, Eric Chmielecki, Jacory McGee Palmer, Jarrett Boxley, Jelani Walton, Joseph Davis, Justin Rivera, Kaiden Dionne, Kiawan Murphy, Logan Crowley, Luke Dauphinee, Malachi Jones, Michael Decker, Nasir Walker Jenkins, Nicholas Rubbo, R.J. DeVeau, Sean Thompson, Shane Thompson, Victor Rosa, William Coleman, William Hamilton, Wyatt Conner and Zachary Vanasse.

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