Federal Hill Burglaries Under Investigation

federalhillSince the end of September, the Bristol Police Department has received seven residential burglary complaints in the Federal Hill area.

The burglaries have occurred on Blakeslee St., Bellevue Ave., High St., Woodland St., and Belridge Rd. It is believed that the same person/persons are responsible for all the burglaries. The burglaries have all occurred during the daytime or early evening hours when the residents were not home.

Most of them took place during very short time periods between when the residents left their home and returned a short time later. In all the burglaries entrance was gained through a second floor window. In some of the burglaries, the burglar (s) used a ladder that had been left outside of the residence by the homeowner.

The homeowners have reported over $48,000.00 worth of cash, jewelry, and electronic devices stolen during the burglaries. The Police are asking residents to secure their homes, including second floor windows, when they go out. They are also asked to put away or secure all ladders when not in use.

The public is asked to be observant and report any suspicious activity. Anyone with information that may be related to these burglaries is asked to call the Bristol Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division at 860-314 -4561.

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