Massive Rally Held for Bristol Cafeteria Workers

529146_10201300006566629_886125359_nA very energized group of union workers, cafeteria employees and supporters held a very well attended rally on Wednesday night.

The rally is in response to the Board of Education’s recent vote to privatize the cafeteria program.

544163_10201300004486577_1204219299_nThe rally started in the rear parking lot of the BOE’s administration building on Church Street. Protesters circled the building and heckled a few board members as they arrived. The peaceful yet powerful protest caught the attention of local residents asking what they could do to help.

Bristol Police provided a handful of officers to monitor the protest. Officers on hand could not recall the last time they knew of a protest so large in Bristol.

526581_10201300000646481_261487801_nUnion representatives as far as Danbury came to show their support. Newly elected Councilor Mary Fortier said “There are at least a dozen unions here showing their support.”

Along with Fortier, Ellen Zoppo-Sassu and Calvin Brown were on hand to offer their support. All three were elected to the City Council on Tuesday.

The union feels they have been forced to take legal action against the BOE to save public jobs. They said outsourcing cafeteria operations is illegal and in violation of state and federal laws.

The final results will be decided through arbitration.

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