Protesters Picket Downtown Redevelopment

Photo: Staff
Photo: Staff

Bristol resident Shawn Ruest and a handful of supporters were on North Main St. Wednesday protesting the redevelopment of Downtown Bristol. Ruest said “Bristol doesn’t need a dense urban setting with subsidized housing including rail service.”

The group feels Renaissance Downtowns should not be the developer of the former mall site. The group feels it will cause low-income housing, higher crime rates, loss of local rights and decision-making and higher taxes.

To date the proposed plan by Renaissance Downtowns does not include any subsidized housing and there is no immediate plans for passenger rail service.

When asked what they felt should go on the former mall site they didn’t provide an answer.

On Bristol Rising’s Facebook page, which is the social media outlet for Renaissance Downtowns Bristol posted “There are few people with signs on Depot Square protesting the downtown revitalization because of “subsidized housing”

Perhaps they haven’t had the chance to attend a Bristol Rising meetup the last couple years, so let us take this opportunity to be very clear, their allegations are not true. This project is market rate. It was projected to be at the start, and nothing has changed.”

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3 comments on “Protesters Picket Downtown Redevelopment

  1. Why does anything have to go there? Not every inch of downtown has to be ‘something’. Why not just tear up the pavement and plant some grass and trees with a fountain/monument in the middle somewhere?

  2. They have a right to be ignorant…everybody is born ignorant…but they don’t have the right to make stuff up. There will be no low-income housing (why would the developers want less than market-rate rents?), no higher crime rates (you know the Police Station is right across the street, right?), no loss of local rights (whatever that means) and decision-making (the City Council has final say on anything that gets built) and higher taxes (huh?).

  3. I have to say, I’m actually kinda proud of these guys. I strongly disagree with them, and am a big supporter of the downtown redevelopment project, but these are the first people who disapprove of the plan and normally just post on the Bristol Press blogs who actually got up and made an effort to get their thoughts out.

    Which one is Watchdog?