Notable Quotes: Bristol Mayoral Debate

debate 001It’s pretty well know that both Mayoral candidates in Bristol are insurance agents. Chris Wilson owns C.V. Mason Insurance Agency. C.V. Mason has been in business since 1883.

Brokers Advanced Concepts Agency was established in 1989 and Ken Cockayne is at the helm of the company that provides insurance agents and brokers with insurance products.

The similarities end there. At the debate Wilson was more soft-spoken while Ken Cockayne took the more in your face approach. The debate had a fair turnout with many family, friends and political junkies supporting the candidates. A handful of residents also attended the debate.

Both candidates had a lot to say and both had a very different way of saying it. Cockayne’s focus was his record on the Council while Wilson offered a subtle solution for Bristol by working together and not making a name for himself.

Here are some notable quotes by the candidates.

On downtown

“Phase one is ready to go!” — Ken Cockayne

“I am cautiously optimistic.” — Chris Wilson

On the West End

“The West End has come along way, we’ve been very aggressive with blight” — Ken Cockayne

“All I see is vacant businesses and shell businesses in the West End, That is not getting better.” — Chris Wilson

On marketing Bristol

“We need social media, everyone’s on them!” —Ken Cockayne

“We need to work together before we work on marketing.” —Chris Wilson

On commuter rail and the busway

“Rail is like pie in the sky, the bus has left the station” —Chris Wilson.

“Watch out, they (the State) are eying a new one from Waterbury to Bristol ” — Ken Cockayne

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