No Need To Smile With Traffic Cameras On N. Main St.

101113 013Two years ago the Bristol Police Department installed a traffic cam system at the intersection of North Main and Center St. Bristol Police used that intersection as a location for a trial run of the system.

On Friday morning crews were replacing a malfunctioning camera and many residents took notice. Many thought the cameras were getting installed for the first time.

101113 006Captain Brian Gould, patrol division Commander for the Bristol Police said” The cameras have been up for two years now. The cameras are part of a vehicle detection system, the cameras do not record video.”

The camera system is used to control the traffic light. When the system detects a vehicle it triggers a yellow to red light. The system stops unnecessary wait time at an intersection.

The Police Department plans to install additional traffic cameras in other locations. Gould said “We just got the contract signed to add more detection systems at other intersection.” Gould did not know at the time which intersections will be added to the new system and when.

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