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DMV Expands VIN Check Locations

New_BritainWEB3The Connecticut DMV is making it easier for many motorcycle owners to get a vehicle identification number check.
Those with bikes built in 1981 or later can now get the checks at one of 230 emissions testing stations around the state. Before this change, only those made in 1990 or later could go to the emissions stations for that VIN check.
“We are trying to make DMV convenient and easy for customers. This is another in those steps we are taking,” said DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey.
Until now, motorcycles manufactured prior to 1990 went to a DMV inspection lane for a VIN verification. Those made before 1981 still need to go to DMV either in Wethersfield or Hamden. This verification, which costs $10, is required for any vehicle being registered in Connecticut for the first time and that does not need an emissions test.
A complete list of the VIN verification stations can be found at
When obtaining a VIN check, a person bringing in the motorcycle must have a motorcycle endorsement on their license or have a Connecticut motorcycle permit. The vehicle must be able to start, be safe on the road, and only have two wheels.  The VIN must be stamped into the frame with the full 17-digit number matching the federal label. Three-wheeled motorcycles must go to a DMV inspection lane.
VIN verification is a procedure for an official check that a vehicle identification number matches the paperwork for that vehicle. Many states require VIN verification as part of the vehicle registration process. All road-worthy vehicles in the United States are required to have a unique VIN, riveted or stamped on the body. This number is included on titles, registrations and other paperwork. Verifications also discourage crime because thieves cannot easily trade in stolen vehicles and VIN checks are used to discover stolen vehicles.

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