West End Association Plan: Bulldoze It!

9.5.13 002The West End Association is planning to present a major West End improvement plan to the Bristol City Council at their next meeting on Tuesday, September, 10th. West End Association President Dave Hamelin said “We simply cannot afford to have the West End gateway continue to appear as it does now and allow the decay of our neighborhood to continue.”

Hamelin went on to say “The presentation is taken directly from our research and the results of the City study of the West End that has been shelved by past administrations. This far reaching and comprehensive plan will immediately and drastically improve the visual appearance of the 9.5.13 005intersection of Rt. 69 and Rt. 72 and it will have a long lasting effect on the quality of life for all Bristol residents. This plan is visionary, bold, not the easy way out, and expensive. We firmly believe that it will be an investment in the future that will have far reaching effects.”

The bold plan calls for the City to purchase various properties and then knock them down. These buildings were chosen as ones that can never be brought up to code, are blighted and have absentee landlords.

Once the buildings are torn down the plan calls for well-lit and landscaped parking in its place.

They will also ask for six new City employees for code, zoning and health enforcement and ask for apartment inspections on regular basis.

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9 comments on “West End Association Plan: Bulldoze It!

  1. Troy Robert David Chartier

    The biggest problem is that the area around it is mostly low income. There is nothing wrong with low income but they do not have the funds to support small business. This area needs small businesses that care about the community to make it better. BUT, small businesses need to charge a little more to survive. It’s not like Wal-Mart were they force peanut wages on their employees, Mom and Pop care about the people that work for them. It’s a very catch 22 situation. I would hope that a solution can be had without destroying the West end. It has always been a part of Bristol’s history and deserves to be a part of Bristol’s future.

  2. Bill Stortz

    Convince the city to move the downtown firestation to the West End would justify taking a few properties.
    It would also move the fire protection coverage closer to the southwest
    a developer indicated awhile back that they were interested in the downtown location, would buy it and lease it to the city until a new one was built
    A workable scenario I would think and give the city a greater presence in the west end

  3. shawnti

    Can’t just turn everything into parking lots. If you bulldoze all the buildings what do you need parking lots for. You need to build better housing and get more jobs for the residents so we can continue to live here.

  4. Bulldozing 6 select buildings to help the neighboring buildings thrive by having parking, while also pulling those places from some landlords that are unable, unwilling, or just can’t justify further investment, including myself is a great idea.

    Matt, you can be right and still be wrong, we’re not trying to fix the welfare system, or the entitlement mentality. The west end association is a dozen core people with another 100 supporters trying to make that neighborhood better and were lucky to have them.

  5. Matt Swieton

    There are deeper social issues underlying this community, you can’t just simply bulldoze the area so it looks ‘pretty’. Remember, putting cover-up on a blemish doesn’t make it go away. The issue lies both in identifying the ‘problem’ and how its being approached, and I don’t think a logically sound argument can be made to justify bulldozing the West End to increase the quality of life for ALL Bristol residents. Our solutions to local problems should not reflect the thinking of a toddler, “Mommy, it’s ugly! Can we make it go bye-bye” Again, stupid solutions toward achieving superficial goals.

  6. Matt Swieton

    We need some social scientists in authoritative positions, that is how we will solve the REAL problem.

  7. Heather

    It’s BRILLANT! & Yes it will immediately improve the curb appeal in that part of town.. I hope they vote for it! Good Luck!

  8. Bill Stortz

    as with just about every city project, problem, has the “solution” been thought through?
    Yes, we want to clean up the area, but is this the best way to do it?
    In essence, we will be reward those that fail their responsibilities, at the expense of the good citizens.
    Why not enforce the regulations: at some time that will correct the problem or the city can take the property over for non payment.
    If is uninhabitable, and the tenants have to vacate, the owner will either clean up the situation.
    Parking lots sound good, but as with current lot, which the West End people promised to maintain, it soon became the city’s problem: plowing, cleaning, illegal parking, abandoned cars etc.
    Lets think it thru, cost out various options and then choos the one tha is most cost effective.

  9. Matt Swieton

    I could not think of a dumber solution toward such a superficial goal! You can’t just knock down the ‘sh&%y’ part of town and think that the quality of life will go up for Bristol residents. This plan demonstrates a fundamental lack of any kind of sociological understanding of the community, and it would only be a matter of time before other parts of town will begin to look like the rt. 69/72 intersection. The West End Association fallaciously sees this as an aesthetic problem when, in reality, the appearance of the neighborhood really reflects the needs of the community and its members. I think people in authoritative positions should read a f*&%ing book and maybe approach infrastructural issues as if they had something to do with the habitually neglected social needs of the West End community.