Minor’s Farm: “Nothing Lasts Forever”

minorsfarm 003With no immediate plans to close in the near future, Minor’s Farm at 409 Hill St. acknowledged that the next generation will most likely not continue on with the family farm.

“Nothing lasts forever, most likely the next generation will sell off the land. They don’t like hard work when they can make money using their brains.”

Bristol’s Chippen’s Hill section has seen much growth in recent years with new homes and Schools. Many of the old farms and rolling hills described by Milo Leon Norton are a thing of the past.

In the Connecticut Quarterly, 1899 Norton said “Chippen’s Hill is really the easternmost of those noble Litchfield County hills, that make that pastoral paradise of the state famous the world over. minorsfarm 001Long, smooth, rounded ridges, extending north and south, with rivulets trickling down their slopes to the streams in the vales between them. Such are the beautiful Litchfield hills”.

Minor’s Farm has a country store where you can buy fruit, produce, many homemade items and of course The Pop Shoppe.

It’s a tradition for Bristol area families to get their Halloween pumpkins, enjoy a hay ride in the pick your own pumpkin patch and take a ride on a train.

Plans are in place for this years October activities but it’s unclear how much longer they will continue to provide this long standing Bristol tradition.

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4 comments on “Minor’s Farm: “Nothing Lasts Forever”

  1. michael

    Bristol doesn’t have many farms left and Bristol used to have alot of farms. Hopefully its preserved as a farm. Larsons was developed a little over ten years ago, that was on the east side of town. All thats left on the east side of town as farm land (other than a few little “farms” on about 1-5 acres) is Lamoureuxs place on Stafford ave. and last I heard, he made a deal with the Janick family for them to build housing over there in the future.

    Bristol seems to be a town with alot more people than its economy and infrastructure can sustain, yet everywhere I look, I see more housing being built. Something doesn’t add up.

  2. It would take a huge effort to save the farm, but is could be possible. There is always someone willing to work the land, but when the monetary return is first that much land is hard to hold from those who prefer selling to keeping the land in Agriculture. I hope they think long and hard before turning it into building.g lots….Land, there is only so much. Fred Weik

  3. I went there last weekend and he said the same thing. Very sad but I think many knew it was coming!

  4. As a fellow farm owner I know how tough it can be to keep things afloat. I hope that IF this place is sold that they put an easement on land that helps preserve it’s use for years to come. Perhaps some local families would be interested in investing in it as a farm?
    Good luck to the family!