Memorial Boulevard School: Not For Sale

At a special planning commission meeting held at City Hall, Commissioners discussed whether to revisit their unanimous vote not to sell the Memorial Boulevard School. Many thought that Commissioners were under political pressure to reverse their decision and let the city sell the property to a Rhode Island developer.

At the meeting Chairperson Bill Veits made it clear that they were not impressed with the real estate committee’s procedural tactics, and the commission reaffirmed their 5-0 vote not to sell the former school.

The commission went on to read into public record the statute that requires a super-majority for the city council to move forward without their approval.

 Jesse Gallagher, who supports the former school becoming a community and arts center said “I’m impressed at how well Bill Veits and the commissioners have handled this entire situation. Their unanimous vote to not sell the old school was absolutely correct, and was evidence that they both know what their job is and know how to do it”.

“The patience they have shown with the histrionics since that vote is also commendable. Patient with the politics, yes, and respectful as well, but rock solid in their decision. From where I sat tonight, Bill, Alan Weiner and the commissioners sent a message to the Real Estate Committee: no, you don’t get to ram this sale down our throats”.

The Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce wanted to turn the former school into a community resource center providing work space for artists, artisans, start-up technology ventures, an indoor playground and a historically important entertainment venue.

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