Mr. & Mrs. Rockwell Would Have Been Proud

1184941_10200786195841682_1442289598_nThe Rockwell Park Summer Festival held yesterday was a huge success. The turn out was estimated to be around 10,000. Last years festival gathered about 5,000. The goal for the festival was to support the revitalization of the West End and Bristol.

It should be safe to say that Mr. & Mrs. Rockwell would have been proud if they were there. The Rockwell’s donated their land for this purpose.

The festival seemed blessed with a perfect late summer day. Not too hot or humid. You could smell all the food from the various food vendors. From Latino Restaurant selling authentic Spanish food to the Downtown Cafe selling lobster rolls. You did not leave hungry.

The Festival was a perfect way to showcase Bristol in a positive light. The West End association in coordination this year with Bristol Rising proved to be very successful.

At our booth at the festival people spoke of how happy they were with the turn out. Many people said it renewed their love and support for Bristol. From older residents telling us this reminded them of the “good ol days” to youngsters asking us for an I love Bristol tee-shirt.

One Bristol resident said it perfectly ” I feel like I’m at Lake Compounce”.

If this is any indication of things to come, Bristol is definitely Rising. Hard work from so many people, groups and organizations paid off.

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