Leave it “UP” to New Britain

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In this great state of Connecticut we have so many attractions. In Central CT we have ESPN, Lake Compounce, The Clock Museum and Carousel Museum just to name a few. BUT, according to my father Alain Beaudoin there is only ONE place that is a MUST to go to whenever he visits from Cape Coral, FL. Where is that place that he HAS to go to immediately after landing here in CT? Where is this place that he has to go to 10 times in the 7 days he is here to visit?

No place other that Capitol Lunch! Yes, I said Capitol lunch! Anybody that is from or lived in New Britain knows of Capitol Lunch. Established in 1929 going back over 80 years The Capitol Lunch Hot Dog was created by Arthur Unaris. The Hot Dogs actually started to be served out of a Shoe Shine Shop to try to elevate business. This Awesome hot Dog was the talk of the town and Arthur decided to open Capitol Lunch.

Can you believe the price back then was 15 Cents? Holy Moley! Everybody in New Britain just HAD to get a taste of that delicious Martin Rosol hot Dog with a slab of yellow mustard, raw onions and a heaping pile of that FAMOUS meat sauce (for all us cool people, that is known as UP).

After frequenting Capitol Lunch since I was a kid with my father I noticed something. Yes, he LOVES Capitol Lunch Hot Dogs! But, I realized he just doesn’t LOVE the hot Dog, He LOVES Capitol Lunch itself! The history of this place and the memories of him as a teenager walking from Corbin Height’s down to Main Street where the “Who’s Who” were gathering. Every time we go there he reminisces of the times when that area was the place to BE! When there was a line around the corner and down the street

from all the hard worker’s from Fafnir Bearing & Stanley Works getting their FIX of the now famous Hot Dog. In those times most of the people of New Britain were immigrants from Canada (where my Dad is from), Greece, Poland and Italy among other Countries. The People Had PRIDE, they were neighborly, said Hello in passing and were hard worker’s who were living the American Dream!

Just like Arthur the people of New Britain in those days had a dream, and DID it! Today, if you go into Capitol Lunch you can look on the wall and see all the old-time photos of the area and Capitol Lunch in those days and it warms your heart knowing that this place is still up and running fulfilling Arthur’s Dream.

Now over 80 years later the torch has been passed to Arthur’s Son-in-law Gus Ververis, grandchildren Art Ververis and Gus Ververis Jr.  The staff is always familiar faces that have been there for years and have grown with the business. It’s funny to see the progression of the staff in the Employee Photo’s displayed on the wall.

The pictures on the wall of the “olden Days” makes me wish I had a time machine. When me and my father go in there it makes me happy to see him enjoy his little taste of the past. His personal record is 8 “Cappy Dog’s” in one sitting. Christmas gift’s to my Dad from me usually include a Capitol Lunch T-Shirt. One “UP Cappy Dog” is now $1.65 and that is VERY reasonable. Ask my Dad he would probably pay $100 for one! I want to thank you Arthur Unaris for creating this yummy taste of heaven. Also Gus, Art & Gus Jr. for always making me and my father feel special every time we walk into your establishment and I personally wish you 80 plus more years of success!

http://www.capitollunch.com/ Capitol Lunch 510 Main St. New Britain, Ct 06051

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7 thoughts on “Leave it “UP” to New Britain

  1. We still go there every summer (not yet this year) but we will be there soon! I don’t think they know us but may recognize us when we walk in…originally from New Britain now from TUCSON, ARIZONA!

  2. Thanks for writing this Jennifer~Capitol Lunch is still a favorite~I grew up with your dad in NB & shared many happy memories with my friends way back when~~can you post this on” I Remember New Britain”~all would agree with you about CL hotdogs :) :)

  3. I remember as a child my family would pick up cappie dogs by the boxful and bring them back to my grandparents house in Plainville. It was something that was tradition and hallowed, almost. As an adult, I miss that so much. I live all the way on the other side of the county now…nothing will ever taste that good…No matter how hard the Seattle hot dog places try, they can’t hold a candle to Capital Lunch!

  4. I remember when our Roosevelt basketball team would
    stop at Capital Lunch to munch out like crazy
    Those delicious hot dogs..Those were the good old days…
    Back then Capital Lunch was all white..
    Truly would like to know how can i purchase
    a tee shirt..

  5. As a kid, we’d shovel snow for extra money. After we would head down to Cappy’s and have 5 cappy dogs for a dollar. After that we’d go to the Palace theater for a double feature western. We were living high back then, thanks to Cappy’s.

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