State offers Incentives for electric car charging stations


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Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) today announced that funding is available to businesses and municipalities for the installation of publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Connecticut.  Businesses and municipalities that are interested in receiving a grant through the EVConnecticut Incentives program can visit, or email to
“DEEP is pleased to accept applications for the EVConnecticut Incentives program,” said Commissioner Daniel C. Esty.  “This program furthers the Governor’s commitment to a diversified energy strategy for the state, providing Connecticut’s consumers with more choices while they make their decision to purchase a vehicle.”
Driving an EV in Connecticut is the cost equivalent of driving a vehicle that is able to refuel at $1.70 per gallon.  As electric vehicle popularity in the market place grows, the demand for charging stations will too.  To address this demand from customers, businesses, municipalities, institutions of higher learning, and others are encouraged to take advantage of funding now available to support new charging stations.  The new EVConnecticut Incentives program offers rebates for the installation of Level 2 chargers that meet program guidelines found at the EVConnecticut website (
“Costs for EVs are dropping and more people are purchasing them,” said DEEP Deputy Commissioner Katie Dykes.  “Under the leadership of Governor Malloy, Connecticut is aggressively building out the state’s EV charging infrastructure, which will allow for EV owners to travel across the state knowing that they are never more than a short distance from a charging station.”
Funding in the amount of up to $2,000 is available through this program for new publicly accessible EV charging stations in order to ensure coverage within a 15-mile driving range throughout Connecticut.  Applications for funding are currently being accepted and will continue to be accepted through September 20, 2013.  To take advantage of this opportunity, please visit the EVConnecticut website (
A Level 2 charging station provides 240 volts, allowing EV owners to top-off their charge while running errands, working, or attending entertainment venues such as a movie theater.
Retail operators have reported customers using chargers spend more time at a destination than other customers.  The charging convenience is a marketing tool for retail businesses and community centers.

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  1. The charging station was placed right in the middle of a curb ramp; thereby blocking access by wheelchair users! What the heck?

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